Best Yogurt for diabetics: Do’s and Don’ts for type 2 Diabetes

best yogurt for diabetics

Eat yogurt everyday and keep diabetes away. Whether you are a diabetes patient or not you need to follow a balanced diet. A large number of people all over the world are type1 or type 2 diabetes patients. Although diabetes mellitus is a hereditary disease (I will talk about it later on), a particular diet plan is necessary to maintain. Therefore, you need to choose your suitable diet. Today, my write up includes the importance of best Yogurt for diabetes, why need the best yogurt for diabetics and why should choose the best Greek yogurt for diabetics. Basically, I will provide you a brief on diabetes disease and I will gradually show you the benefits of consuming yogurt for diabetics and other purposes as well.

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If you have diabetes, you can eat yogurt as long as you incorporate it into your daily food plan

I wish to start with a brief on diabetes. So, let us move to the next.

What is diabetes?

Diabetes is simply a number of diseases associated with insulin production in the human body. Insulin is a hormone which controls the regulation of blood sugar in your body. The pancreas is the organ which releases insulin. This helps to store and use of fats and carbohydrates that you eat every day. Since diabetes is a lifelong disease, there is no cure for this disease yet. But, maintaining a proper diet will help to control your problem.

There are mainly two types of diabetes in terms of insulin production. They are type 1 and type2 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes patients cannot produce any insulin and they need to take insulin from external source. On the other hand, though the patients of type2 diabetes can produce insulin, it does not get generated in sufficient amount. Therefore, controlling food intake and adding required foods to the diet can play an important role to control type2 diabetes. Yogurt can be a good food to control this type and from many yogurt brand in the market you must choose the best yogurt for diabetes, I will try to focus on type2 diabetes and the role of yogurt on this later on.

What to eat with diabetes?

It’s million Dollar question, What to eat with diabetes? I have already said that, diabetes is a lifelong disease and the people with diabetes need to control their food intake throughout their life.

  1. Carbohydrates:

Our body requires a particular amount of carbohydrates, but you need to be choosier about carbohydrate intake if you are a diabetic. You have to consume the natural grains such as brown rice and flours instead of processed grains.

  1. Fruits and vegetables:

Fresh fruits and vegetables are very good for the health as they are sources of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. But, for the diabetes patients, vegetables with high carbohydrates such as potato, corn and fruits with high fructose should be avoided.

  1. Proteins:

You need to take proteins from plant source instead animal source because it may increase cholesterol level. You also need to cut foods with high amounts of fats from your diet. Along with that, kidney problems are also sometimes associated with diabetes. Therefore, doctors prescribe to avoid foods with high protein percentage. Several vegetables such as beans, bottle gourd etc. are also should be avoided because they may increase the level of uric acid and interrupt normal kidney function.

  1. Drinks and beverages:

Drink fresh water as much as you can. You have to remove drinks and beverages with high sugar content such as regular beer or energy drinks.


Can diabetics eat yogurt?

If you are a diabetic, yogurt can be a very good option to add to your diet. There are lots of health benefits of yogurt including controlling diabetes. Yogurt is full of essential nutrition and low in carbohydrate.

On my previously published articles, I have talked about a lot about the beneficial impacts of consuming yogurt. Now I will show you why need yogurt for diabetics and why need Greek yogurt for diabetics. You also know that, Yogurt is effective option for treating diarrhea, Have a look we have informed on yogurt and diarrhea.

What researches say?

Yogurt is a fermented food which is full of beneficial bacteria. These bacteria are called probiotics. These have good impacts on our gut health. Though researches on gut health is still continuing, gut bacteria have multiple roles in our health such as controlling over load and diabetes.

Although the researches on the role of yogurt in diabetics is still ongoing and how yogurt can help controlling diabetes is uncertain, researches done so far have found several useful impacts of yogurt in diabetics.

Yogurt and type2 diabetes

Earlier I said that patients with type2 diabetes have a decreased amount of insulin production. Moreover, their body cells generate a hostile condition to accept insulin, which results in a high blood sugar level. According to a recent research, yogurt consumption can reduce the risk of type2 diabetes by 18 percent.

Best Yogurt for diabetics

Low fat yogurt can be a preferable option for diabetics, because this type yogurt is full of improved quality carbohydrates and proteins. The amount of calcium present in yogurt also helps to decrease the risk of type2 diabetes. Therefore, you need to consume the best yogurt for diabetics. Several important facts about yogurt are as follows:

What makes yogurt so important?

  1. Rich in nutrition: Yogurt is a food with essential nutrition. These include, vitamin B2, vitamin B12, and vitamin D, magnesium, potassium, protein and calcium. Yogurt is rich in calcium and calcium intake through yogurt can prevent osteoporosis.
  2. Active metabolic function: Metabolism is an important function of our body. A sound metabolism can also help to lose your load. Consuming low fat yogurt enhances body’s metabolic functions, and thus it reduces body weight.
  3. Improved digestion: consuming yogurt can also enhance your digestion process. The bacteria of the yogurt help to maintain a balance of microorganisms which ensure a better digestion of food.

What to look for in a yogurt?

As I said earlier that it is much important to choose the best yogurt. You are more likely to get a balanced amount of nutrition and cultures by consuming the best type of yogurt from the supermarket. If you are a diabetes patient, you need to follow a guideline to choose the right type of yogurt for you. Now I will provide you some suggestions to choose the best yogurt.

  1. Look for the amount of carbohydrates: Carbohydrates can also increase your blood sugar. Along with that, yogurt with some toppings may contain as well. So, it needs to consume the Greek yogurt for diabetics.


How to have yogurt in your diabetes?

Yogurt in your breakfast:

Traditionally honey is used to make Greek yogurt sweetened. Honey is basically a simple sugar, but it can increase calories and make the level higher. But, if you do not have much problems with consuming carbohydrates, you may add a little amount of honey to your yogurt to make it sweet rather using artificial sweeteners. On the other hand, some diabetes patients are advised to add carbohydrates to their meal. In that case, they can eat fruits or whole wheat toasts rather using honey.

Whole grains and fruits have proteins and fiber, which are essential nutrition for the body. Adding fruits and whole grains with the yogurt will increase your total carbohydrate intake.

Yogurt as food dressings:

We randomly use a variety of dressings to make food more attractive and delicious. For the diabetes patients, these types of dressings are so harmful since these are responsible for increasing blood sugar level as well as blood pressure. Therefore, you can easily use yogurt as a dressing to make your foods so yummy.


How yogurt prevents diabetes?

Consuming yogurt regularly or at least four or five times a week may decrease the risk of developing type2 diabetes. A recent research of United Kingdom finds that people with highest yogurt consumption have a 24 percent reduced risk of developing type1 diabetes in contrast to the people who does not consume yogurt.

Researches also show that yogurt contains live cultures and a particular type of vitamin K which both have the capacity to protect diabetes.

The researches on the connection between yogurt consumption and preventing diabetes do not provide distinct results yet, but provides several hypotheses which show the beneficial aspects of yogurt in preventing diabetes.

A study of the Harvard School of Public Health provides a hypothesis is that the live cultures in yogurt may reduce the inflammation and help to increase insulin sensitivity. But, this hypothesis requires more clinical trial to provide clear evidences.

The amount of protein and potassium in yogurt, also help to prevent diabetes.

Although diabetes is a hereditary disease, it also can develop if the person does not follow a disciplined lifestyle. Obesity or over load is a major cause of developing diabetes. Moreover, it is also associated with developing other diseases such as kidney problems, hypertension etc. Consumption of yogurt regularly helps to improve the immune response and provide an excellent metabolic function and thus it can reduce your weight. Since overweight is a major cause of diabetes, consumption of yogurt can protect you from diabetes by cutting your extra body mass.

Finally, I want to end up saying that, yogurt is a nice option to add in the meal for the diabetics. Through the article I have tried to provide you important information about the importance of yogurt to prevent diabetes. This article will also provide you with beneficial health impacts of consuming yogurt. Although the researches associated with diabetes management and yogurt are still ongoing, but the hypotheses are much helpful to give an idea about the importance of yogurt as well as the advancement of further researches. So, I suggest you to consume yogurt if you are a diabetes patient and if you are not, then you should also eat yogurt regularly to prevent diabetes. All the information in the article is based on recent researches and hopefully this information will provide you something interesting or new to you.

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