Greek yogurt vs regular yogurt: Which one is more nutritious?

greek yogurt vs regular yogurt

Suppose you want to buy a yogurt and there are only Greek yogurt brands available in the store. You may be confused thinking whether there are any differences or what is the difference between regular yogurt and greek yogurt? Yogurt is a food with a great taste and lots of benefits. From several types of yogurt, there are some basic differences between regular yogurt and Greek yogurt. Moreover, I have previously talked a lot about Greek yogurt and regular yogurt. Today, my post is basically on Greek yogurt vs regular yogurt. Through the write up, I will try to make understand about some significant differences between Greek yogurt and regular yogurt.

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You know yogurt is basically a fermented milk product and both regular yogurt and Greek yogurt are made of milk. Although both of them are produced from the same source, there are differences in their components as well as their production process.

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How they are maid?

The initial process of making both regular yogurt and Greek yogurt starts as same. It involves: milk gets heated first and then cooled to the optimum temperature (106 -114º F). After the temperature has reduced to the desired, bacterial cultures are added and mixed nicely to make a smooth mixture. Then the mixture is allowed to ferment for a particular time, so that the bacterial fermentation can occur to produce lactic acid and solidify the milk to produce regular yogurt.

On the other hand, to make Greek yogurt, regular yogurt undergoes an extensive straining process to remove liquid whey to provide a thick textured yogurt.

What is the Difference between regular yogurt and greek yogurt: Functionality

The difference between regular and greek yogurt can be categorized in several factors and the factors are as follows:

  1. Straining process: The production of Greek yogurt involves multiple straining than the production process of regular yogurt. This straining process is used to remove the whey of the yogurt. Whey is a liquid component that we sometimes see at the top of the yogurt and it also can be produced by bacterial respiration. As multiple straining processes remove much of the whey, Greek yogurt gets a thicker consistency.
  2. Protein content: Greek yogurt is a nice healthy snack because it gives more protein than regular yogurt. Protein is a component that provides the fullness after eating. Therefore, Greek yogurt is a nice source of protein. Moreover, a six ounces serving of Greek yogurt provides much protein than three ounces of lean meat.
  3. Sugar and carbohydrate contents: Greek yogurt contains less sugar and carbohydrates that regular yogurt. On the other hand, the amount of sugar and carbohydrates in regular yogurt is almost double. But, you have to keep in your mind that flavored Greek yogurt can contain much amount of sugar and carbohydrates. So, be careful before buying flavored Greek yogurt.
  4. Fat content: Greek yogurt usually contains more fat than regular yogurt and it is the only considerable thing in the case of Greek yogurt. While Greek yogurt is less in protein, sugar and carbohydrates, its higher fat content should be carefully handled. So, it is better to buy fat free or low fat Greek yogurt.

Yogurt benefits: Which one is healthier: regular or Greek?

It is important to make you clear that, both regular and Greek yogurt in any forms such as plain, non-fat, low-fat, or fat-free, can be a part of your healthy diet. They are low in calories and rich in essential nutrients along with live bacterial cultures which are also called probiotics. But, the Greek yogurt, which is extremely strained to remove much of the liquid whey, sugar and carbohydrates has some specialties which I have already discussed. Moreover, Greek yogurt meets the consumer satisfaction as it has a wide range of popularity all over the world.

As I said Greek yogurt has a higher amount of protein, it is better to add Greek yogurt in a weight-loss diet plan. The amount of protein is responsible to provide the satisfaction after eating a food which makes an individual not to eat more. So, it is a nice option to consume a particular amount of low-fat or non-fat Greek yogurt to maintain a healthy weight.

I have also said that, Greek yogurt has a less amount of carbohydrate and sugar. So, going Greek yogurt can be a nice for the low-carb dieters. As we now, although both carbohydrates and sugar have some requirements in our body, but they have much negative impact on the overweight people or people with difficulties in their blood sugar regulation. For instance, diabetes is a disease associated with uncontrolled blood-sugar regulation, therefore, the consumption of foods that are rich in carbohydrate and sugar can interrupt the insulin production. In that case, Greek yogurt is a better choice than the regular yogurt as it contains almost half amount of sugar and carbohydrates in an equal amount of serving.

Probiotics of yogurt, Probiotics in greek yogurt vs regular yogurt

Along with that, one of the most important aspects that I have to mention is the probiotics of yogurt. You may thinking about probiotics in greek yogurt vs regular yogurt, which one good for probiotics. Let’s move to the next section of the article.

From various brands of yogurt, there are several yogurts for probiotics. Probiotics are mainly live active cultures which play an important role in our digestive system. Moreover, our digestive system has a lot of microorganisms where both good and bad microorganisms are present. Yogurt is a good source of probiotics that establish a balanced ratio of both good and bad bacteria to facilitate the digestion process. In that case, the amount of probiotics is higher in Greek yogurt than the regular yogurt. So, choosing the Greek yogurt is better if you need much probiotics.

Since the fat content of Greek yogurt is higher than regular yogurt, Greek yogurt is a nice first food option for babies. Although fat is considered as unhealthy in adult people, baby requires fat for their proper growth. Serve a small amount of plain Greek yogurt to your baby and I think it will be delightful to your baby.

Source of calcium

Besides these, yogurt is a nice source of calcium and the regular yogurt has the higher amount. Calcium is an important nutrient for the bone development. Consumption of yogurt regularly can meet the requirement of calcium in breastfeeding moms as they may lose some calcium through breastfeeding. Moreover, in women, menstruation is also responsible for losing calcium in some case. Therefore, women should stick to regular yogurt as yogurt is a nice healthy food for women.

There are also differences in texture of regular and Greek yogurt. While Greek yogurt has a thicker consistency, regular yogurt has not the same. The thicker texture of Greek yogurt makes it more preferable in cooking as it does not get curdled like regular yogurt while cooking.

Besides lots of benefits, Greek yogurt is more costly than the regular yogurt. Customers demand can be responsible for its high cost. Moreover, production of Greek yogurt requires multiple straining which also increase its buying expense.

In addition to that, there are several environmental aspects are also related to the byproduct (whey) of Greek yogurt. When Greek yogurt is strained, its liquid whey gets removed. This whey has also several uses among farmers because they can use whey as their livestock feed or fertilizer in the fields. Moreover, whey can also be used in generating electricity. But, it is a matter of concern that, since the production of Greek yogurt is increasing rapidly, more whey is produced and farmers do not have the capacity to handle the large amount of whey. They can utilize a limited amount of whey properly, but the remaining whey unproductive. Therefore, more research is required to ensure the proper use of this byproduct.

Varieties of yogurt

I have talked about some advantages of yogurt. Now I am going to show you different varieties of yogurt and they are as follows:

  1. Lactose-free yogurt: Lactose refers to the milk sugar, which can create digestion problem in people intolerant to lactose. For these people, there are many brands of yogurt, which are lactose-free.
  2. Dairy-free yogurt: Dairy allergy is a common in many people. Since yogurt is basically produced from cow’s milk, it can create allergic reactions in people who are sensitive to cow’s milk. So, you should go for dairy-free yogurt if you have allergies in cow’s milk.

These two forms of yogurt are highly mentionable and there are some other types include vanilla yogurt, sugar-free yogurt, frozen yogurt, low-fat or fat-free yogurt, etc. Most importantly, you should choose the desired one and buy the best yogurt from the market.

Final Verdict

I wish to conclude saying that, whatever it is regular or Greek, yogurt is a healthy choice in your diet. Both of these types are rich in nutrients which can keep you healthy. But, I like to suggest you to choose the unflavored and low-fat one. Through the post I tried to make you understand about the basic differences between regular yogurt and Greek yogurt as well as their benefits. I believe the article will be helpful for you and enjoyed the reading on Greek yogurt Versus regular yogurt.

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