Is greek yogurt good for you, is yogurt healthy?Answer may satisfied you.

is greek yogurt good for you

If you are a yogurt consumer, then there are lots of good news waiting for you. There are a huge amount of benefits of consuming yogurt or Greek yogurt on a regular basis. Moreover, this fermented dairy product will provide you with a great taste with several other purposes. However, you may ask that, is yogurt good for you? Or is Greek yogurt good for you? So, today I will try to make you understand about the beneficial aspects of consuming yogurt. Moreover, how the consumption of yogurt brings the positive consequences will also be included. So, let us move on through the post and clear your concept, is greek yogurt healthy?

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Regular Yogurt Benefits….

Live Active Cultures








Vitamin B6 and B12


Greek Yogurt Benefits………

Preventing High Blood Pressure

Bolstering the Immune System

 Fewer Cavities

Better Bone Health


As I said there are lots of benefits of consuming yogurt, now I am going to make you clear my state. The benefits of having yogurt are as follows:

Prevention of osteoporosis: You know that calcium is an important micronutrient to keep the bone healthy and strong. Moreover, vitamin D also plays an important role for that purpose. Yogurt is a nice source of calcium and vitamin D and thus the consumption of yogurt helps to prevent osteoporosis.

Minimize the risk of Hypertension or High Blood Pressure: The percentage of fat is very low in yogurt. Precisely, on fat content, regular yogurt is more preferable than the Greek one. Moreover, yogurt contains unsaturated fats which are good for health and it also can reduce the risk of developing high blood pressure.

Probiotic action: This is the most important benefit of consuming yogurt. Yogurt is a nice source of probiotics and probiotics help our digestive system in many ways. First of all, probiotics help to maintain the balance between good and bad bacteria in our gut and thus it facilitates the digestion of foods. Besides these, probiotics also help to enhance our body’s immune system.

A nice food for the diabetics

For the patients of diabetes disease, yogurt can be a very nice option to add in the diet. There are numbers of health benefits of consuming yogurt including controlling the disease. However, yogurt contains so many essential nutrients and it is low in carbohydrate. Therefore, consuming yogurt will not increase your blood sugar level. On the other hand, you need to keep in your mind that, your yogurt must be sugar free. Besides these, the probiotics may have functions in controlling the blood sugar level, although it is uncertain and still under study.

Controlling your body weight

Yogurt is a very healthy choice to add to your weight loss diet. If you are on a weight-loss program, you can consume yogurt without any confusion. However, you need to look for the non-fat and sugar-free yogurt for that purpose. To control your weight, you should follow a diet which is rich in calcium, protein, fiber and less in fat, sugar and carbohydrate. Moreover, you also need to ensure the proper digestion of foods that you consume. So, you might think that how yogurt works on reducing extra body weight? To answer that, I should say, yogurt has almost all the required elements to lose your extra weight. Yogurt has a high amount of protein and calcium, where the amount of protein will provide you with a fullness which will prevent you from eating much and calcium will make your bone stronger. Other than that, yogurt is very low in carbohydrate. Precisely, Greek yogurt is very low in carbohydrate.

Treatment of yeast-infection

Although yeast is a useful kitchen element (used in baking, brewing and fermenting), it can also be dangerous. Mostly, there are some pathogenic yeast species which may cause infectious diseases.

Yeast infection means infection which occurred by yeast. There are several species of yeasts which cause infection. The species of yeasts that cause infectious diseases are mainly called the “opportunistic pathogen”. These opportunistic pathogens usually attack the people with a weak immune system. Yeasts of Candida genus are mostly responsible to cause infectious disease in human. Moreover, both males and females can be attacked by those diseases. However, you need to focus on that, if you have a weak immune system, you are vulnerable to get infected by those pathogenic yeasts.

Yogurt is nicely capable of fighting against pathogenic yeasts. Yogurt contains Lactobacillus acidophilus, and this bacterium is the main fighter to fight against yeast infection. The mechanism occurs where Acidophilus produces hydrogen peroxide which halts the growth of yeasts and eventually kills them.

Mostly, females are much vulnerable to yeast infection and there are several treatments of yeast infection by yogurt are also available.

Improved metabolic function: Low-fat yogurt is a nice choice to speedup your metabolism. A smooth metabolic function is also required to lose your extra body mass. Basically, as metabolism goes on, fats start to burn and thus a fast metabolism quickly reduce calories.

Smooth digestive function: I have already talked about the probiotic action of yogurt, which enhances the digestion of food. Moreover, yogurt contains several essential fibers which also play an important role to maintain a healthy digestive system.

A nice first-food option for your baby

Yogurt can be a nice first food for your baby. According to the pediatricians, you can offer yogurt to your baby when he/she is around 7 or 8 months old. Yogurt contains a lot of essential nutrients which are very useful for your baby’s development. However, Greek yogurt will be more preferable where it contains a high amount of calcium which is very important for the development of your baby’s bones.

Besides these, when you are going to offer yogurt to your baby, you have to keep several things on your mind. Firstly, you should not give low-fat or non-fat yogurt to your baby. Although you should avoid full-fat yogurt, but your baby needs the full-fat one for the proper growth. Moreover, full-fat yogurt will offer a nice smooth and creamy texture which will make it more preferable to your baby. However, you should follow this practice until your baby is around 24 months old and when he/she is 24 months old, you can give low-fat yogurt or other dairy products to your baby by consulting with the pediatricians. Besides these, you should avoid giving yogurt with added flavor yogurt to your baby.

Treatment of several diseases

Although it is true that you may avoid milk when you get attacked with diarrhea, but yogurt is a milk product which can help prevent diarrhea. The natural sugar of milk, which is lactose, is the reason why most milk products should be avoided if you have diarrhea. According to the National Digestive Disease Information Clearinghouse, diarrhea makes you temporarily intolerant to lactose, but yogurt can make you feel better more rapidly. Most importantly, the key factor is to pick the brands that contain active and live cultures (probiotics). These probiotics break down some lactose during fermentation and they convert lactose to lactic acid in your intestines, so yogurt is well-tolerated. I suggest Greek yogurt as your best choice because it’s strained multiple times to remove away a large amount of lactose-containing liquid.

Is yogurt good for you or is yogurt healthy?

Yes, without any confusion. I have already talked about several beneficial aspects of consuming yogurt. Regular yogurt has a little bit less thicker consistency than the Greek yogurt as it is less strained. Moreover, yogurt contains proteins which provide the fullness of eating. Besides these, regular yogurt contains a less amount of fat which can be a nice option to add to your weight-loss diet plan.

Is Greek yogurt good for you or is greek yogurt healthy?

Greek yogurt is a famous one which will provide you with some unique experiences. As it is strained for multiple times, most of the whey gets removed from it and it gets much thicker than the regular yogurt. Moreover, the amount of sugar and carbohydrate is much lower in Greek yogurt compared to regular yogurt. However, when you are going to buy Greek yogurt, you need to avoid the flavored one, because it contains a high amount of sugar and carbohydrate. On the other hand, Greek yogurt contains more fat than the regular yogurt has and this is the only reason to be careful while buying Greek yogurt. Therefore, I like to suggest you to buy non-fat or low-fat Greek yogurt.

Is it difficult to make yogurt by yourself?

Making yogurt at your home will not bother you at all and I think you will enjoy when you will do it yourself. It is a very easy task to make yogurt at your home. To do it, you just need milk and some live active cultures. First, you have to boil the milk at an optimum temperature and allow it to cool down after boiling. Then you have to add some bacterial cultures or previously made yogurt to it and keep the mixture in a warm place for 7 to 8 hours approximately. By this time, the bacteria will continue the fermentation and give you a nice fermented milk product (yogurt).

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Besides these, you can make your homemade yogurt more delicious by adding some seasonal fruits on it. Although, I don’t like any added sugar in yogurt, but if you want some, you can add some honey or maple syrup as sweeteners.

However, I have tried to give you some tips about making yogurt at your home. But, if you make a lot, then you need to store it. Suppose you have bought yogurt from the market and you have some extra, or you made it at your home and there are some more, whatever it is, you need to store it in your refrigerator in a proper way.

Yogurt as your breakfast

Starting your day with several teaspoons of yogurt is a healthy choice. If you are a diabetic, you have hypertension, you have a digestive problem, you are on a weight-loss diet or whatever it is, have some yogurt on your breakfast and it definitely has some beneficial impacts on your body.

Best time to eat yogurt

Burning with the scorching heat of the sun? Have some yogurt and I believe you cannot deny it.

According to the experts, the best time to eat yogurt is after you take your meal. Moreover, it is better to eat yogurt after 1 to 2 hours of your meal as a dessert. Because, at this time, the gastric juice is diluted and the concentration of the acids in the stomach is suitable for lactic acids to develop.

On the other hand, you should avoid eating yogurt when your stomach is empty. At this time, there is a high concentration of acids in your stomach.

Is yogurt good for your skin?

Yogurt provides you with a lot of benefits both inside and outside of your body. Along with eating yogurt, using yogurt as a face mask will give you a nice and glowing skin.

Yogurt has lactic acid, an alpha hydroxy acid that dissolves dead skin cells. This mild exfoliation not only helps to create a natural glow and prevent breakouts, but also works to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Besides these, using yogurt on your skin with some element will provide you as a moisturizer, getting relief from sunburn, fighting acne, reducing discoloration and preventing premature aging. So, I think it is clear to you that yogurt has a lot of positives on your skin health.

Is Greek yogurt safe for dogs?

Greek yogurt can be considered as safe unless your dog is lactose intolerant. Moreover, plain Greek yogurt is better and safer for your pet dog than other types of yogurt. Along with that, Greek yogurt contains more condensed levels of probiotics which have important functions for your dog’s gut. However, those dogs are taking antibiotics, Greek yogurt is precisely helpful for them where taking antibiotics kill some of the good bacteria in a dog’s gut. Besides these, dogs can get infected by yeasts at their ear or skin and the probiotics in yogurt can help to treat these types of infections in dogs.

However, you need to avoid flavored and sweetened yogurt for your dogs because they do not need it.

Can I eat yogurt at night?

Although eating yogurt at night is not encouraged by the Ayurveda as it leads to mucus development, but there are some benefits of eating yogurt at night. Eating some yogurt during your night meal or after your meal, may help you to sleep better. Moreover, yogurt is a good source of protein where the protein of yogurt will provide you with a great food satisfaction which can offer you a sound sleep. However, there are some controversies about eating yogurt at night, so you can take just a bit of yogurt before your bedtime if you are craving for it. Hope it’s clear that  is greek yogurt good for you?

Bad sides of yogurt

Actually, yogurt itself does not have any bad sides or harmful consequences. Some people may have some digestive abnormalities and they usually face problems in digesting yogurt. Now I am going to talk about those special cases.

Dairy intolerance: Milk allergy is a common phenomenon all over the world. People of all ages may have allergies to milk. Allergy is basically an immune reaction which can create an uncomfortable situation if a person eats foods in which he/she has allergies. As yogurt is mostly made with cow’s milk, many people cannot eat yogurt. But, a good news for them; there are many brands of dairy free yogurt available in the market. Moreover, if you or your family members are allergic to milk, then you can make dairy-free yogurt at your home also. To make dairy-free yogurt, you can use coconut milk, soy milk, etc. as a substitute of milk.

Gluten intolerance: Although gluten intolerance is not that much common, it can be responsible for celiac disease. Some yogurt manufacturers use cereals that contain a huge amount of gluten and it can create harmful consequences on the people with gluten intolerance if they consume it.

Lactose intolerance: Lactose is the milk sugar. Lactose intolerance is a genetic disease and there are many people around the world who are intolerant to lactose. A person with lactose intolerance means that, his/her intestine does not produce enough “lactase” enzyme to digest lactose. However, please do not get confused with milk allergy and lactose intolerance, because lactose intolerance is a digestive problem and milk allergy is an immune reaction. But, if you are intolerant to lactose, there are some brands of lactose-free yogurt available in the market.

Some other types of yogurt

There are so many types of yogurt available in the market. Most importantly, while buying yogurt, you need to see the label carefully and you should by the yogurt produced by a reputed company from a reputed shop.

There are many forms of yogurt. Of them; vanilla yogurt, frozen yogurt, yogurts that are flavored with some delicious fruits are much delightful to the children.

Yogurt recipe

You can use yogurt in your other dishes. Specially, adding sour yogurt to your meat curry will make it more delicious. Besides these, you can customize your breakfast by adding yogurt according to your choice. However, mixing some pieces of seasonal fruit will make the yogurt more attractive and delicious to your children.

I want to conclude saying that, yogurt is a very healthy food which you can easily add to your diet. Consuming yogurt will help you in a wide range as well. As a nutritious food, yogurt is also a nice food for your baby. All my attempts were to meet up your queries about is yogurt good for you? Or is Greek yogurt good for you? and is yogurt healthy? I hope the article will be helpful for you.

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