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Whether you’ve done Atkins, Weight Watchers, Medifast, NutriSystem, Paleo, or any of the other diets that have been popular in recent years, it can leave users frustrated when the results don’t happen. Studies prove that it’s possible to drop pounds by following conventional weight-loss programs all about exercising more and eating less.

What recent studies prove though, that that’s a VERY slow way to lose weight. In clinical trials, the exercise groups only drop slightly more weight than the non-exercise groups.

Also, if you go off the exercise routine, it’s more than likely that you’ll regain the weight within a month of stopping.

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These programs fail because they either don’t have an actual breakthrough and are rehashing traditional common sense…or they are incomplete and the results don’t happen as promised.

This is why I got so excited when I learned about TETROGEN Day & Night weight loss formula.

I was having a hard time losing weight…

I’ve probably lost something like 5,000 pounds from dieting, only to gain 5,025 back. Even when I start to get on a roll, the rate of weight lost begins to slow down.

We all know this is how our body naturally resists dramatic changes. Our metabolic hormones – or the group of hormones that directly affect our metabolism – start to slow it down.

If there’s any one thing to blame for the difficulty in losing weight, it’s our hormones.

They control our metabolic rate, decide whether to burn or store extra calories, regulate hunger and even determine when our brains will send a signal to our stomachs that we are already full! They also trigger cravings and handle bloating and water retention.

Is it possible overcome this?

Consider the term “hormone optimization” for a moment…

What if nature provided a way to “trick” our body into not releasing the hormones that retain weight?

TETROGEN is that trick. It’s specially formulated from 5 natural (and vegan) ingredients. They are: Cissus quadrangularis, Green Tea Leaf, DYGLOMERA, Arican Mango and LipoFuel.

The science behind this ingredients proves they’re effective ways to boost your metabolism (burn fat faster) and optimizes your body’s metabolic hormones to prevent them from slowing you down (keep burning fat).

Since it’s completely natural that means it contains NO chemical ingredients, GMO, gluten, soy, dairy or stimulants like caffeine whatsoever, making it even safer to use.

As with any product I try out, it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee so that there’s no risk to giving it a try. Since the vendor uses CLICKBANK as its online merchant, this is completely true. CLICKBANK is a reputable payment processor and reseller that takes very good care of their clients, just like Amazon does.

As you can see from Mike’s review, this is a great solution for those of us who struggle with stress-eating. It’ll help us stay in the mode of burning fat even when our bodies try to resist our efforts. We won’t be sabotaged by our own bodies if your hormones are optimized and TETROGEN make that effortless.

A lot of products want to charge $69, $89, or over $100 per bottle. The good news with TETROGEN is that the price per bottle is lower than that. The only “catch” if you will, is that it’s only sold in 2-bottle kits. This is a good thing because our bodies do very different activity during the day than they do while sleeping at night.

This product is split into day and night so that it can keep those hormones in check even while you’re sleeping so they don’t sabotage your weight loss in the middle of the night.

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