Yogurt for breakfast: is it a healthy choice or a bad option?

greek yogurt for breakfast

Start your day with just some teaspoon of yogurt. Yes, you are right. I am talking about eating yogurt for breakfast. Yogurt can be a nice option for your breakfast. Precisely, Greek yogurt has some magnificent features that make it more desired for breakfast or your other meals. Perhaps you are on a weight loss diet, you have diabetes problem or you have a digestion problem, so take some yogurt or Greek yogurt especially. I think it will be a great idea to add Greek yogurt on your breakfast. So, today I will try to cover up several important aspects of adding yogurt to your breakfast. Moreover, you will be able to understand the importance eating yogurt in breakfast and Greek yogurt for breakfast. So, keep reading the “Family yogurt latest Blog post“.

Eating Yogurt for breakfast:  is it a healthy choice or a bad option?

It is much usual that you might think about whether taking yogurt in breakfast is good or bad. In that case, I should definitely say “yes” and it is a great option. Now I am going to show you some facts to consider while you are going to add Greek yogurt for breakfast or regular yogurt in breakfast. These are as follows:

Protein content: Yogurt is a good source of lean protein. But, the amount of protein is different in different yogurt types. In that case, plain Greek yogurt or Greek-style yogurt is a better choice, because it is relatively high in protein as much of its excess water has been removed away. Moreover, this process provides a thicker texture to the yogurt. On the contrary  “light” yogurts may have as little as 4 grams of protein per serving.

No sweetened yogurt: Try to avoid sweetened yogurt and do not add any extra sugar to the yogurt for your breakfast. But, if you are craving for sweet, then you can add some honey or maple syrup as sweeteners. I will give you some greek yogurt for breakfast recipes later on.

Try to avoid buying “light” or “lite” yogurt: That’s a surprising fact to you, right? Although, it might be pleasing to you to see “light” or “lite” label on the yogurt cup, but there is a hidden technique. In these types of yogurt, manufacturers remove fats from yogurt, but to compensate the removed fat, they might add thickeners such as gelatin, starch or even gum. Along with that, they also add sweeteners and flavoring agents. The consequence of this process is a highly processed food that loses many health benefits of yogurt.


Why you should add yogurt for your breakfast meal?

  • Extra load: If you are on a diet, then you should add yogurt to your breakfast. Yogurt contains protein which will help you to reduce your extra body load. The protein contents of yogurt provide you the fullness of having a meal as it will keep you away from taking more foods.
  • For the diabetics: Having yogurt at breakfast is also much beneficial for the patients with diabetes problem.
  • People with digestion problem: Sometimes you may feel problem to respond to your morning call, right? Digestion problem can be a consequence of the shortage of the presence of probiotics in your gut.  They help to maintain the balance between the good and bad bacteria in our intestine. Yogurt is an important source of probiotics, so for the people with digestion problems, should eat some teaspoon of yogurt at their breakfast.

Yogurt in breakfast: facts about Extra Body load

All you need to lose your body load is to reduce your calories. Along with doing exercise and reducing calories, consuming yogurt at your breakfast will facilitate loosing extra body mass.

How it works?

Usually, low fat yogurt is low in calories, but rich in protein. Yogurt is generally considered as a high protein food, where foods with high protein help to lose load by reducing hunger and boosting the metabolic function. This function occurs due to the high thermic effect of protein. Which means that, your body requires a lot of energy to digest it, where increasing your calorie burn throughout the day. Breakfast aids weight control by reducing appetite and helping you make healthy food choices later in the day.

There’s no wrong with eating yogurt on its own. However, you can add more stimulation by adding healthy flavor-enhancers such as a calorie-free sweetener (honey or maple syrup), fresh or frozen seasonal fruits (blue-berry, mango, banana etc.) or whole-grain cereal also. Along with that, yogurt can be used as a base for a healthy smoothie recipe. Consider mixing yogurt in a blender with some fresh fruit, ice, oatmeal and protein powder even.

While there are scientific evidences from several researches for the load-control advantages of yogurt as breakfast, no study has looked at whether eating yogurt in breakfast enhances weight loss. Besides these, many varieties or brands of commercially available yogurt are usually rich in artificial sweeteners. Therefore, you should go for natural yogurt, which contains no added-sugar.

Greek yogurt for your breakfast

Greek yogurt is a famous fermented dairy product. The production process of Greek yogurt is such that the maximum of its whey can be drained out. Besides these, Greek yogurt contains a higher amount of protein than other regular yogurt.

Along with that, Greek yogurt contains a less amount of sugar and carbohydrate. So, adding Greek yogurt to your breakfast as a diet, it would be a nice idea. But, before buying Greek yogurt, try to avoid flavored one because, it contains a higher amount of carbohydrate.

Yogurt is very suitable for your baby’s first food as your baby needs sufficient amount of fat for his/her proper growth.

Yogurt in breakfast recipes

Yogurt is a nice tasty food along with a lot of health benefits. You can make yogurt at your home (list of yogurt maker) or you can make your homemade yogurt (Yogourmet yogurt maker) more tasty and delicious by simply adding some toppings or others. Now I am going to show you some delicious yogurt recipes for breakfast.

  1. Tropical yogurt bowl: You can try to top your regular or Greek yogurt with some kiwi and banana. This recipe is delicious and you can easily make it. To make it take a cup of yogurt and use 1 cup of cut-up kiwi and half cup of banana and freeze the other half for smoothies. Now take some roasted and unsalted cashew nuts or coconut flakes and sprinkle it.
  2. Granola yogurt Parfaits: As it is a mixture of grains and fruits, it will be delightful to you. To do this, fill a parfait glass with alternative layers of granola, fruits and yogurt. Then mix some honey or maple syrup according to your choice.
  3. Smoothie yogurt bowl: Blend a cup of plain yogurt with some berries and a little amount honey until it becomes smooth as you desire. Now it is ready and you can top it with some toasted nut or granola.
  4. Melon yogurt Bowl: You can use half of the melon as your bowl and it will be so nice to see. Fill it with yogurt and then you can add some berries and pumpkin seeds as toppings.
  5. Maple walnut cereal bowl: It is also a fast and fine yogurt recipe. You just take a cup of yogurt, spray some maple syrup and add some walnut as toppings.
  6. Cherry and vanilla yogurt bowl: Make a mixture of ¼ cup of frozen, defrosted unsweetened cherry and ½ a teaspoon of vanilla extract and add the mixture to a cup of plain yogurt.
  7. Yogurt and oatmeal recipe: Oatmeal is a good source of essential cereals and it contains no cholesterol. Moreover, oatmeal contains a high amount of dietary fiber. To make a yogurt recipe with oatmeal is easy, fast and inexpensive. Add some nuts with oatmeal and mix it with a cup of yogurt and your breakfast is ready.
  8. Yogurt breakfast bowl: You can customize your breakfast yogurt as your wish. A nice and delicious yogurt bowl will make you crave for it. Take 1 cup vanilla yogurt, 1 cup whole grain, 1 cup fresh berries, 1 tablespoon of Chia seeds, ¼ cup of flaked coconut and one teaspoon of honey. Now take a bowl and mix all the ingredients in the bowl. Then drizzle it with some honey or maple syrup and serve.
  9. Peach and cinnamon yogurt bowl: Take 1 diced peach and finish it with a dusting of cinnamon. Cinnamon is a very useful to minimize heart disease risk.
  10. Avocado yogurt bowl: Remove the pit from the avocado and use the avocado as toppings. Add some herbs and a pinch of salt and drizzle it with extra virgin olive oil. You can also add some hot sauce if you like.

Things to focus

Yogurt is a healthy food without any confusion. The important thing is that you need to buy the right one which meets up your desire. Moreover, if you make yogurt or some recipes with it, you need to follow the instructions properly. There are also some facts related to the consumption of yogurt. They are as follows:

Finally, I want to say, eat yogurt at your breakfast to maintain a healthy diet. Try to follow the recipes I provided and I believe it will be delicious. I hope this post will be helpful for you.

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