Yogurt Granola Recipe

Yogurt Granola Recipe

Yogurt granola and fruit is a nice yogurt granola recipe. This mixture is a healthy breakfast, as well as it is a nice fruit parfaits.

However, the recipe has no boundary and you can experiment according to your wish. You can mix fruits and granola with your yogurt however you want.


8 ounces plain or flavored yogurt, 1 cup homemade granola cereal, some seasonal fruits.


Chopped the fruits (banana, strawberry, blackberry, blueberry or raspberry) into small pieces and mix them with granola. Now put some yogurt at the bottom of your glass and make some alternate layers of yogurt and the mixture. You can put some extra granola as toppings.


Consuming this recipe at your breakfast will provide you a lot of energy and your stomach will remain sound.

Emily Rosen

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