Cuisinart Yogurt Maker Review 2022

Other Trending Yogurt tool in 2019. I prefer this machine because it’s great to watch and the operation is so smooth. I think if you are here to buy a yogurt maker then you should read the A to Z review of this superb machine.


Cuisinart yogurt maker reviews

1. Cuisinart ICE-21 1.5 Quart & Frozen Yogurt maker & Ice Cream (White)

This cuisinart frozen yogurt maker will be a great addition to your kitchen. I like to suggest you to read this review before buying this product and reading the review is important to get understand about the pros and cons of this product.

Features of Cuisinart ICE-21


Capacity: It has a mixing bowl with a large capacity, where you can make around 1.5 quarts of frozen yogurt.

Fast working: The appliance has been made up with a powerful motor and it can frozen yogurt, ice cream or any frozen drinks within 20 minutes.

Automatic: The machine is completely automatic, so just leave it only turning the switch “on”.

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Other specifications

  • The utensil has a large opening, so that you can put ingredients easily.
  • The product has an easy-lock transparent lid. The transparent lid will allow you to see the progress of freezing. Also, there is a mixing paddle that aerates and mixes ingredients in the freezer bowl to make frozen drinks or desserts.
  • The freezer bowl has been made up with double-insulated wall to offer rapid and even freezing. Moreover, this feature helps to keep the bowl cool and at a uniform temperature.
  • There is storage of cord at the base of the unit, so that you can easily store the unusual cords there.

Along with beneficial aspects, there are some shortcomings of this product are also there. The removable parts of this unit are not dishwasher safe, so you need to do some extra work to clean it. Moreover, the top cover of the appliance is not much strong, so you need to handle it carefully. Also, since this unit consists of a powerful motor, it creates a little noise while working.

Some tips to work with this one

  • Avoid overloading the bowl, because it will be difficult for freezing.
  • If you like a heavy texture, you can use heavy cream with your regular milk.
  • Before starting the unit, make sure that the bowl is totally frozen.
  • Do not fill the bowl to the top, because your dessert may overflow if you do so.

I believe this unit can be a nice kitchen gadget. I hope you read the review carefully to make your choice, and buying this product will be a worth of money.

2. Cuisinart CYM-100 Electronic Yogurt tool

Buying this cuisinart yogurt maker is a great deal of your money. Although it costs a little bit higher, but it’s instructions of using are convenient. Moreover, this product is available with some magnificent features that will make you to go for it. However, I have tried to write the review where you can find the pros and cons of this unit.

Features of Cuisinart CYM-100

Cuisinart electric Yogurt maker

Capacity: This product can cook a large amount in a single batch of culture. It can provide up to 50 ounces of serving at one time. Moreover, with six 8 ounce glasses, you can make 6 different flavors of yogurt per batch of cooking.

Automatic shutoff: The product has an automatic shutoff function, so you need not to be worried and you can leave it alone while cooking.

Timer control: There is a timer control where you can set the time according to the instructions of the recipes. In addition, in the LED display you can see the count downs of time.

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Other specifications

  • Its operation is simple and convenient where you can simply start and stop it with just touching the button.
  • Automatic chilling mode: Once the unit finishes cooking, it will automatically shift to cooling mode and it will remain in cooling mode until you switch it off. Therefore, you can directly refrigerate it if you want.
  • Precise outcome: Just put the ingredients in the tool, leave it alone and see what happens. You are free now and the machine will do all the work, it is great!
  • Its design is also lucrative and the outer part has a stainless steel styling and it is BPA free.

Some useful tips

  • If you allow the unit to ferment for a long time, then it will produce a thick but acidic yogurt. However, you can strain your yogurt overnight to get a rich and thick texture.
  • Avoid ultra-pasteurized milk and try to use whole-milk.
  • If you want to add flavor, then you should wait until six hours after the chilling process has started. Moreover, you also can add flavor in single cups instead of adding the whole batch of culture, because there are several specific flavors that can decrease the shelf-life of yogurt.
  • It is the best to eat yogurt within 3 days after cooking, but yogurt also remain in good condition up to 8 days of manufacturing.

Along with benefits, there are several shortcomings as well. So, I should mention, the machine has no temperature controlling function.

Yogurt is a nice food and it will help you to get a lot of health benefits. You can have yogurt in a certain amount on your breakfast for a weight loss diet. I definitely recommend you to buy this unit, because it is a nice yogurt producer.

3. Cuisinart ICE-30BC Pure Indulgence 2-Quart Automatic Frozen Yogurt, Sorbet, and Ice Cream 

This cuisinart model is available with many beneficial features. Moreover, although there are many positive reviews there, I have tried to write an honest review to make you understand about the pros and cons of this product.

Features of Cuisinart ICE-30BC

Capacity: It has a large container, so it can cook a large amount (2 quarts) in a single batch of fermentation.

Fully automatic: The product is fully automatic and this feature will minimize your effort.

Rapid mechanism: You will get a fast cooking experience with this machine as it can give you two quarts of frozen yogurt within 25 minutes!

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Other specifications

  • The unit has been built up with a compact and stylish design and it has a brushed stainless steel covering.
  • It has a powerful motor and automatic mixing paddle to do all the work automatically.
  • It has double insulated freezer bowl to ensure fast-freezing.
  • All the removable parts of this tool are easy to clean.

One thing can be pointed about this unit, the motor of this machine is powerful and it makes some noise.

I believe this review will be helpful for you if you want to buy this cuisinart model to make nice and creamy yogurt.

Cuisinart ICE-30RFB 2-Quart Freezer Bowl

This cuisinart freezer bowl has a large capacity, where it can contains up to 2 quarts.

It has a nice looking design and you can cook your desired frozen yogurt, sorbet or ice cream by it. Moreover, the bowl is double insulated, so it can maintain a low temperature to freeze the ingredients rapidly and uniformly.

The cuisinart freezer bowl is made up with brushed aluminum with a non-stick coating.

However, you should be careful while removing the dessert from the bowl to avoid scratch as it has a non-stick coating. Also, you should not wash it in hot water, because washing it in hot water may bring some chemical changes on the freezer bowl which you will not like.

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You can use this product as a replacement or a second bowl of option.

I hope this review will be informative and beneficial for you to meet up your indulgence.

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