Dairy free yogurt: is Greek Yogurt dairy? Benefits of dairy Free

Can you think about yogurt without the use of cattle milk? Alright, you may say, “strange”! So, now let me make it clear to you. Today, my write-up will be covering facts about dairy free and why you need to go for dairy free. Moreover, I will especially focus on yogurt to help you to choose the best dairy free yogurt. Along with that, I also discussed previously about a lot of the beneficial aspects of Greek yogurt. Therefore, I suggest you to buy the best dairy free Greek yogurt.


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What does dairy free means?

The term “dairy free” simply means “milk free”. If you find a food product labeled “dairy free”, it means there is no use of milk to produce the product. There is another term “non-dairy”, and sometimes it may become confusing with “dairy free”. Non-dairy products means that, the product is more likely to be milk free, but sometimes it does not milk free at all. Non-dairy product may contain other components of milk, such as casein, whey etc.

Why go dairy free?

All we know that, milk is an essential food for our health. There are lots of the beneficial properties of milk and milk products which make milk as an excellent food. But, the fact is that, there are a large number of populations who suffer from problems with drinking milk and milk based food products.

Now a day, many online sources involve showing negative impacts of drinking milk.

Now I will show you several statistics and it will make you know some facts about going for dairy free. These are as follows:

  • Research shows that, USA people have decreased drinking milk for about 37% then early seventies.
  • Another research shows that, consumption of milk by USA people have been 30% decreased over the last twenty years.

There may be several reasons to maintain a dairy free diet chart. You may suffer from some unusual conditions by drinking milk. These unusual conditions may occur to you because you are probably allergic to milk or you are intolerant.

Dairy allergy: Allergy is basically an immune response. A person can be allergic to several foods and food products. Due to the consumption of that particular food, allergic reactions can be shown to that person. There are many people who are suffering from milk and milk based food products. Therefore, they require a dairy-free diet to maintain.

How to go dairy free

If it seems too difficult for you to give up all dairy products suddenly, then you can give up them slowly. At first, try to mark the dairy products that you usually consume and you are very fond of those. Then you can identify the products which you consume sometimes, but you are not that much fond of those. After that, you try to give up consuming the products which you do not usually eat and you will find that, you have given up the maximum percentage. Now I am providing you with several tips which will help you to go without dairy. These are given below:


  • You can use coconut milk in your tea or coffee
  • To make yogurt, you can use coconut milk also instead of cow’s milk
  • To make soups, you can use coconut milk instead of butter as well.


Instead of using milk butter, you can use peanut butter and in the case of cheese, you can use avocado.


You can avoid milk to make a dessert. For example, you can use different fruits such as, mango, banana, pineapple, etc. Moreover, the use of coconut milk or almond milk will make your desert more delicious and attractive.

Drinks and smoothies:

You can use coconut milk in drinks or smoothies.

Most importantly, there are some psychological facts that you can follow as well. Try to make yourself understood about the harmful consequences of consuming milk and milk products and hopefully this will motivate you to go for dairy free.

Dairy free yogurt

There are lots of dairy free foods. From them, yogurt is a better option as it provides you with lots of beneficial impact.

A person may become disappointed by following a dairy-free diet. But, there is a good news for him/her, because, he/she can consume dairy free yogurt and it is so delicious, creamy, sweet and easily available.

There are lots of brands of yogurt in the markets. Usually, all the companies marked their yogurt as the best. But, you need to choose the yogurt which is actually dairy free.

Benefits of dairy free

Several evidences of problems associated with regular milk and milk product consumption have been found. Therefore, it is too distinct that milk can cause harmful impacts on our health. So, for several reasons we should go for dairy free.

There are lots of benefits of dairy free. These are given below:

  1. Reduced bloats: People who are allergic and susceptible to milk, bloating is a common problem to them. Bloating is basically a problem associated with the digestive system. Excessive production of gas cause bloating and it can occur due to the digestive problem. Therefore, following a dairy free diet will help you to get rid of bloating problem.
  2. Reduced respiratory problems: Too much milk consumption can cause the excessive production of mucus in the respiratory tract and it can increase asthma as well. Symptoms of respiratory problems are common in people with milk allergies. Therefore, avoiding dairy and dairy products can be beneficial for these people.
  3. Reduced skin problem: Growth hormones are used in cows in many dairy industries. Moreover, cattle are often genetically engineered to produce more milk. Therefore, the milk of these firms can contain harmful hormones, which can affect your skin if you consume.
  4. Reduced inflammation: A compound of milk may cause inflammation and enhance oxidative stress. Cutting milk and milk products from your diet will help you to reduce inflammatory responses.
  5. Prevent milk allergy: Consumption of milk and milk products can cause allergic reactions to many people who have allergies to milk. Allergic reactions are specific immune responses where milk protein is responsible for milk allergy. The one and only way to prevent milk allergy is to give up consuming milk and milk products. Note: Yogurt has an effective capacity of treating yeast infection.  

Note: Yogurt is an important source of probiotics.  

How to choose the Best yogurt that is dairy free

  1. Observe the label: First, you need to observe the label carefully. Look at the list of ingredients they have used. There should be use of alternative milks such as, coconut milk, almond milk, cashew nut milk, etc.
  2. See the sugar content: According to World Health Organization (WHO), an adult can consume at best 25 grams per day.
  3. Avoid synthetic ingredients: Try to avoid those brands of yogurts which contain a lot of synthetic ingredients such as, artificial color, flavor, thickening agent, etc.
  4. Keep in mind the reputation of the company: Most importantly, when you want to buy a yogurt from a supermarket, you need to see the reputation of the company.

Dairy free foods list

People with problems with the consumption of milk and milk products, should follow a dairy free diet chart. Although there are problems in milk consumptions, there are lots of nutrition present in milk and milk products as well. Therefore, we should find a dairy alternative to fill up nutrition. Here I am going to provide you a list of dairy free foods. The following list shows dairy free foods which you can take as an alternative to milk.

  1. Coconut milk: Coconut milk is an excellent dairy alternative. Coconut milk can be extracted by blending the meat portion of matured coconut. Coconut milk contains many essential nutrients such as potassium, copper, manganese, phosphorus and iron. In addition to that, coconut milk contains fat, which is healthy and you can make yogurt easily with coconut milk.
  2. Almond milk: Almond milk is also a fine dairy alternative as it contains unsaturated fatty acids rather containing saturated fatty acids. It also contains fiber and essential antioxidants. Along with that, it contains probiotics which help your digestion.
  3. Soya milk: Soya milk is also a dairy free product. It also contains nutritional elements and you can make foods using soya milk instead of cattle milk.
  4. Plant based cattle milk alternatives: There are lots of plant based alternative milks such as rice milk, oat milk, etc.

There are also a huge number of dairy free foods such as, vegan cheese and creamer, vegan cheese soups, vegan butter, vegan ice cream, etc. are available in the market.

Lactose free vs dairy free

Lactose free food products are not necessarily dairy-free. These foods or food products may contain milk as well.

On the other hand, “dairy-free” means the product is free of conventional dairy ingredients. People may have some problems with dairy foods such as, allergy, digestive problems, etc. Therefore, they require a dairy-free formula.

Finally, I wish to conclude saying that, I have tried to make my article more informative. All the information included, are based on recent researches. I have given my effort to focus mainly on the problems of consuming dairy products and the benefits of consuming dairy-free products. So, if you face any problem by consuming dairy products, I will suggest you to eat the dairy free. Because, dairy free yogurt is capable of providing nutritional elements better than other dairy free products and it has a great taste. Moreover, being dairy-free, you will be able to get a nice functional digestive system.

Note: Yogurt Trusted Brand: Chobani, Fage, Yoplait, Dannon, Oikos, siggi etc.

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