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Are you concerned about your weight? Is it normal or gaining higher and higher day by day? Your diet is mostly responsible for your weight and if you are overweight, you must need to decrease your weight.

Today, I will give you some tips on how you can lose weight. It is much important to add some food as well as cut some food from your diet to maintain the desired weight of your own. To lose your weight, I highly suggest you to take a particular amount of yogurt on a regular basis. Now you may think that, is yogurt good for weight loss? I will say “of course” and this write up is all about the best yogurt for weight loss. Yogurt is also a weight watcher powered food. Therefore, you need to choose the best yogurt for weight watchers.


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Best Yogurt for weight loss

Yogurt has been consumed for centuries to facilitate digestion but it is newly discovered that yogurt can reduce your weight quickly.

Without any confusion, adding yogurt to your diet is a great idea if you want to control your weight. Therefore, you need  yogurt for weight loss. Why you consume yogurt for weight loss and how yogurt consumption facilitates weight loss, by moving on the write up you will get all of these I believe.

All over the world, obesity is a serious issue. Moreover, this problem gets an acceleration through the consumption of foods with a higher amount of calories.

Since obesity and overweight, both are concerning matters, you have to know what are they and how to cope up with these. Moreover, you have to know about the diet chart that you have to follow. Following a particular diet chart is important to reduce your overweight as well as to retain a healthy body weight. So, by moving to the post, you will hopefully get acquainted with them.

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Obesity is a problem associated with gaining much weight on the body. Mathematically, a person can be considered as an obese if his/her body mass index (BMI) is over 30 kg/m2. Obesity and over weight is different health problems. You can become obese if you consume more calories than you require. Basically, obesity is mostly caused by overeating, lack of physical exercise and genetic make up. The balance between calories input and calorie output varies from person to person. Obesity can increase the risk of serious health problems such as cardiovascular disease, stroke etc.

Obesity treatment

Bringing change in the diet and doing exercise are the main treatments of obesity. Earlier, I have already said that diet is an important factor to prevent and control obesity. If you are an obese, you must control your diet and you have to avoid foods with a higher percentage of calories. Yogurt is a food which has a lot of beneficial health impact and it also has uses in treating diseases.

In addition to that, in obesity treatment, you need foods which can reduce your appetite. Yogurt is a food which can reduce your appetite.


Overweight simply refers to weighing too much. Overweight is not like as obesity. Your body muscle, bones, body fluids, etc. can develop your weight. The cause of being overweight includes smoking, alcoholism, hormonal imbalance (hypothyroidism), lack of physical exercise, lack of nutrition, weak metabolic function, genetic construction etc. Overweight is classified by calculating the BMI of a person. If the BMI of the person is 25 or more, the person can be considered overweight. Being overweight can increase the risk of several diseases as well. The treatment is just like as the treatment of obesity.


BMI refers to body mass index. The body mass index is a value derived from calculating the body mass and the height of a person. It is expressed in units of kg/m2.

According to the BMI value, it can be identified that whether the person is underweight, normal weight, overweight or obese.

Why you should control weight?

Many researchers have found that being obese and overweight can lead to serious disease. Moreover, gaining much weight is also considered as the source of several diseases. Therefore, controlling your weight is a must. It is important to maintain a normal BMI. Since, overweight can cause diseases, your weight should be controlled to keep these diseases away from you. Moreover, prevention of gaining overweight will also prevent the risk of having these diseases as well.

How to lose your weight?

To reduce your weight effectively, you must need to focus on the calorie intake. You have to make a diet chart with foods that contain low calories.

According to the dieticians, a weight loss diet chart should contain foods with high protein, calcium, fiber and foods with a less amount of carbohydrates.

The foods of your diet chart also should be rich in nutrition, which are capable of reducing weight.

The foods should not be with extra sugar. Besides these, you have to do physical exercise regularly for a period of time. Physical exercise will help you to burn your extra calories.

Note: Like yogurt, you can find fermented green supreme foods, which can help you reduce your extra weight.

Is yogurt good for weight loss?

Without any confusion, yogurt can help to lose your weight. Choosing yogurt more precisely choosing the Greek yogurt will help you to get more precise action against gaining overweight.

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What researchers say?

A recent research shows that, yogurt is a food to lose weight. According to a research published in Nutrition, Metabolism and Cardiovascular Diseases of the University of Navarrah in Spain shows that, consumption of a particular amount of yogurt on a regular basis can reduce being overweight by 20 percent and obese by 38 percent.

Yogurt for weight watchers

Some foods are weight watchers powered and yogurt is one of them. The properties of weight watcher foods mainly include the capacity of controlling weight and preventing from being overweight. So, you should consume the best yogurt for weight watchers. I have to mention that, Greek yogurt is a weight watcher powered food and therefore, you need to pick the Greek yogurt for losing weight.

How yogurt helps in weight management?

1.Yogurt burns fat: Perhaps you do not know that yogurt has an excellent capacity to facilitate weight loss. According to a new study, adding yogurt to your diet may accelerate your body’s fat burning mechanisms and gear up your weight loss. The researchers also showed that, obese persons who consumed three servings of yogurt a day reduced 22 percent of more weight and 61 percent of more body weight. Moreover, yogurt eaters also lost 81 percent of lipid components around their stomach than the persons who did not consume yogurt.

2.Protein function.

  1. Action of fiber: A study shows that, absence of sufficient fiber in food enhances the risk of several diseases. Therefore, addition of a sufficient amount of dietary fiber in the diet is also important.

Consumption of foods with a higher amount of fiber helps to increase the release of hormones which signal fullness.

Plain yogurt usually does not contain fiber. Some yogurt manufacturer companies produce yogurt with added fiber. They initially use inulin (a polysaccharide obtained from plant and it is a soluble fiber) as the source of fiber. Inulin absorbs water and reduces the rate of the movement of foods through the digestive system. Commercially manufactured yogurts also contain other synthetic compounds such as maltodextrin or polydextrose and fiber obtained from soy hulls, oats or sorghum.

According to a research by the scientist of the University of Washington, yogurt products that contain inulin, not only help you to fill the requirements of daily fiber requirement, it may also reduce your weight by decreasing your appetite.

Keep in mind: Researchers also say that, yogurt with added fiber may do not have sufficient amount of other nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants present in natural sources of fiber.

You can eat yogurt with added fiber, but you should go for unprocessed fiber foods to lose your weight. Besides these, you can make your yogurt with rich in fiber by adding nuts, seeds or fruits etc.

Note: Consumption of yogurt develops the regular release of insulin hormone and thus it helps to control diabetes. Besides these, yogurt consumption also helps to prevent cardiovascular diseases.

How to choose the yogurt for losing weight?

You need to consider the following things while you are going to buy a yogurt for your diet plan.

First of all, you need to buy yogurt from a renowned shop as well as from a reputed company. Because, buying the product of a reputed company will probably give you the best product.

You must see the amount of calories present in the yogurt. The yogurt in your weight loss diet should be less in calories. Therefore, you have to read the label carefully and pick up the yogurt with low calories.

Read the label carefully and search for the presence of them. After seeing all of these, I believe that, no longer you will say that “is yogurt good for weight loss?”

To conclude, I wish to say that, we should be concerned about our weight. Moreover, weight management is much important to lead a healthy life. Obesity and overweight both are serious problems all over the world now.

A large number of Americans and people of other countries are suffering from these problems. Since, loosing extra weight is necessary, I tried to provide you some information that can help you.

Especially, along with doing physical exercise regularly, I suggest you to consume a specific amount of yogurt on a regular basis. Moreover, yogurt consumption should be in a limit because, overeating of yogurt can rather increase your weight instead of reducing weight. All the information is from recent researches and authentic sources. My attempts are to make you understand about the function of yogurt in reducing weight. Finally, I believe that, my write up will provide you with some beneficial information and hopefully you can find a way to lose your extra weight.

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