Living Green Supreme Food Reviews Dr. Colbert Recommended in 2022



New York Times Bestselling Author, Dr. Don Colbert Finds a Way to Ferment Vegetables on A Mass Scale. He Calls this a “Breakthrough” in Supplementation.

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Living green supreme food is a combination of fruits, vegetables, enzymes, herbs, fibers and probiotics. However, along with boosting your energy, this can do some more things.

What is living green supreme food?

This is basically a phytonutrient powder which claims to aid you detoxify your body and ensure antioxidant defense. Also, it improves your immune system and help in proper digestion. Moreover, it ensures the optimum pH level of your body and quickly increase energy on the cellular level.


To perform this, it claims that it contains a “world class blend of 100% USDA organic fermented grasses, fruits, vegetables, digestive enzymes and pre/probiotics”. Besides these, it contains spirulina, chlorella, wheatgrasss and silymarin. However, it provides a good taste due to the addition of a little apple, cinnamon and stevia.

Who is Dr. Don Colbert?

Dr. Don Colbert is the owner of Divine Health & Wellness (a company that sells a variety of nutritional supplements which is mainly nutritional therapy, homeopathy and detoxification. However, Dr. Don Colbert is a board certified physician and the person is in practice for more than 25 years.

Benefits or effectiveness

Common phytonutrients include carotenoids (lycopene, alpha-carotene, beta-carotene, beta-cryptoxanthin and several others) flavonoids (catechins, hesperidin and flavonols) ellagic acid and resveratrol.

Of them; many of these phytonutrients have some potential advantages such as, reducing age-related sight problem, specific types of cancer and the risk of heart disease. However, although these phenomenon do not offer sufficient clinical evidence, but some of the research provided strong claim over the fact.

Along with that, many research showing that the presence of probiotics can offer several important health benefits such as, rapid immune response, improved digestion, decreased allergic reaction etc.

Besides these, a particular diet which includes phytonutrients is an effective weight loss diet for both men and women.

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Side effects

It does not offer any negative impacts on human body. On the other hand, since there is no label available, it is not possible to get the amount of each phytonutrient it containes. However, it is better to consult with your doctor before starting.

How it works?

Basically, the green powder works to supply phytonutrients to your body. As I said earlier that, this powder has some potential health benefits.

On the other hand, there is no significant evidence that shows whether the powder contains sufficient phytonutrients to provide particular health impacts.

Fermented green supremefood review

This powder is mainly focusing on fermented ingredients. Fermentation is an ancient process and this process turns foods into another form. However, fermented green supreme food offers probiotics and digestive enzymes which facilitate the digestion and nutrient absorption as well.


Nice and delicious. It has a unique and natural taste since it has been naturally flavored with both cinnamon and the extract of cinnamon bark. Moreover, it contains stevia that makes it sweet enough.


The food is nice and healthy for you. The important thing is that, it provides natural energy that keeps harmful radicals away. Moreover, it is dairy-free, soy-free and gluten-free, so it meets the requirements of the people with allergies. Also, you need not to be worried about the presence of GMO.

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