Salton Yogurt Maker Latest Review in July 2022

Salton is a popular yogurt producer in terms of long time uses. Most of the house hold prefer this tool because it’s very easy to operate. The machine is long lasting & good looking and best performaer in the market.

Salton Yogurt maker reviews

3Salton YM9 1-Quart Yogurt tool

This yogurt tool is one of the finest yogurt maker of this manufacturing company and it has lots of positive reviews. It is compact in design and very easy to use. With the help of this machine, you can cook various recipes of yogurt. My effort is to make you inform about the specialties of this product through the write up.

Before going to the pros and cons, I like to explain some useful features of this salton yogurt tool.

Features of Salton YM9


This machine cannot cook a lot at one time. It can provide you around 1 quart in a single batch of cooking (you can use either skim milk or whole milk). Although this amount seems not so large, but I think this will be enough for serving your kids.

salton yogurt maker


Both inside and outside of the unit is made up with food grade plastic. The container has a large opening so that you can fill it easily. Moreover, the incubation area is fully detached from the culturing container, so you can lift it out easily.

Temperature control:

There is a temperature control switch with this machine and you can set the temperature easily to prevent it from overheating.

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On/off switch:

Although there is a well controlled temperature maintaining function, there is no on/off switch available with this product. You can see a switch on that, but the switch is basically the “timer” switch of this machine. You have to remember one thing that, though the manufacturers say this is a “timer”, but it does not work as they say. With this switch, you can just set the time you want to cook, but after the cooking finished, it will not remind you with a sound. Therefore, it might be a point of consider and you have to observe it after sometime consecutively and you cannot leave it alone.

However, you know it is important to measure the temperature while making yogurt. Although, thermometers were available with other older Salton products, but you will not get a thermometer with this one. So, you have to do it manually and you can buy it from a shop.

The design of the appliance is also very nice. Seeing unusual cords sometimes look messy, so at the bottom of its base there is a storage facility where you can arrange the cords while it remains in rest.

The utensil has two lids, one lid covers the entire machine and another one covers the inner container. In addition, the outer lid is transparent, but the container lid is not transparent.

The product has one big container that can cook only one flavor of in one time. This feature is may be a lacking of this product, but I should say, people have choices and it depends from person to person. However, many brands of yogurt tool are available with multiple cups to cook multiple flavors at one time, but those cups are small in size as they cannot cook a single flavor in large amount (surely you do not want to see empty cups on a batch).

In addition, this product does not have a thermostat. Also, automatic cooling system is unavailable with this one.

Besides these, the inner container of this machine is freezer safe, therefore you can make frozen yogurt with this easily. On the other hand, the unit and its removable parts are not dishwasher safe. Although, may be you are a busy person, or you do not like to wash it manually, it will not take that much effort to wash it. To wash it, you can use hot and soapy water.

You will get a manual with this unit where you will get the instructions and directions as well.

This salton yogurt YM9 is a nice kitchen utensil. So, considering the features of the product, buying this appliance will meet your demand and choice I believe.

Salton YM7 Electric Yogurt tool

With 7 Glass Jars


This product is available with a nice and attractive design with useful features.

This salton yogurt tool is basically for the people who love multiple flavors. It has 7 glass jars where each has 6 ounce limit all together can cook 42 ounces with different flavors. Specially, if you have kids with different choices, than this appliance is a nice deal.

Each glass jar has a lid to make the storage more simple and convenient.

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Besides these, there are timer reminder and a simple on/off switch on the top of the unit.

With this appliance, you can make both regular and Greek yogurt and both will come out quite tasty.

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